Pakistan: Intolerant towards homosexuals yet is #1 in Google searches for gay porn

Pakistan Google searches for gay porn

Pakistan — a global leader in intolerance towards homosexuals — leads the world in Google searches for gay pornography, according to an analysis of search terms published by Mother Jones.

The study found the Islamic republic is the world leader by volume of searches form the terms “shemale sex,” “teen anal sex,” and “man f***ing man,” while it ranks second in searches for the term “gay sex pics.”

The term “shemale sex” was most-searched for in the city of Peshwar, a conservative Islamic stronghold that has become a frontline in the war on terror.

In a survey of 39 countries worldwide, the Pew Research Center asked the question, “Should society accept homosexuality?”

In the United States and Western Europe the answer was a resounding “yes,” but wallowing at the bottom of the countries surveyed was Pakistan where only 2% of those surveyed answered in the affirmative making the predominantly Muslim nation one of the least tolerant countries on Earth, according to Mother Jones.

“Religious extremism is at a height today,” said Farahnaz Ispahan, an expert in Pakistani minorities at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars and a former member of Pakistans parliament.

“Hindus are being forced to convert, Christians are being burned alive—there’s very little personal safety for those seen as the other.” Ispahan said while trying to explain Pakistans odd relationship with homosexuality and gay porn.

“So what do [gay Pakistanis] do? They turn to pornography because they cant live their lives openly.”

Part of the reason why gay Pakistanis cant live openly is because gay sex is illegal and can be punished with a lengthy jail sentence.

Pakistan hates gays but love shemale sex and man fing man porn searches –

Eyeball-licking: the fetish that is making Japanese teenagers sick


Sometimes known as “worming” – which somehow makes this whole thing worse – oculolinctus is being blamed for a significant rise in Japanese cases of conjunctivitis and eye-chlamydia, which is actually a thing. It’s apparently seen as a new second-base; the thing you graduate to when kissing gets boring.

The craze is thought to stem from a music video by Japanese emo band Born (there’s a chance that the eyeball-licking scene was only included to distract everyone from the fact that the song sounds like it belongs on a menu screen for an EA Sports game about snowboarding from a decade ago, but at this point that’s just speculation).

Tumblr, inevitably, is filling up with drawings and unnecessarily close-up photographs of the act, and YouTube is no stranger either. One theory about why it has taken off so spectacularly is down to the sheer number of nerve endings in the cornea. The eyeballs are incredibly sensitive because they need to detect grit and other small particles, and the sensation of oculolinctus is supposedly akin to that of toesucking.

Eyeball-licking: the fetish that is making Japanese teenagers sick | Life and style | The Guardian

Los Angeles Gives Cars, iPads, Cash to Student Winners of ‘Attendance Challenge’

LAUSD attendance challenge

A certificate used to be enough for students with perfect attendance at the end of the school year. But in the Los Angeles Unified School District, two perfect attendees throughout high school received new Chevrolet Sonics, priced at $18,000, for showing up to school every day. During the 2012-2013 school year, LAUSD has handed out monthly prizes to kids who were present every day; the awards were presented by local donor companies, including Knott’s Berry Farm and Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach.

Five elementary students also will receive iPads for winning the so-called Attendance Challenge, and six campuses will receive cash prizes of $3,000 to create programs to encourage attendance.

Why all the focus on attendance instead of student performance? Because the LAUSD system is paid by the state of California only for attendance. Every student is worth $32 per day from the state to the LAUSD system. That means that when students skip school, the unionized teachers and administrators pay the price. This year alone, LAUSD missed out on $156 million in funding thanks to students cutting class, including $14 million for kindergarteners who didn’t show up.

It isn’t Oprah running LAUSD and handing out cars. It’s the teachers unions, which are mainly concerned with creating bizarre incentive systems to get butts in the seats rather than knowledge in the brains.

Los Angeles Gives Cars, iPads, Cash to Student Winners of ‘Attendance Challenge’

Russia set to pass strict anti-gay law that could see foreigners deported for ‘sexual propaganda’


The law defines the rather nebulous concept as “spreading information aimed at forming non- traditional sexual behaviour among children, suggesting this behaviour is attractive, and making a false statement about the socially equal nature of traditional and non-traditional relationships”.

Fines for breaking the law will be up to £100 for individuals, £1,000 for officials, and £20,000 for organisations. Already there have been doubts about how to define propaganda, with a group of Communists in southern Russia complaining that Elton John’s stage outfits should be considered “homosexual propaganda”.

Russia set to pass strict anti-gay law that could see foreigners deported for ‘sexual propaganda’ – Europe – World – The Independent

Kuwaiti court gives woman 11 years in jail for insulting emir

Emir of Kuwait

Huda al-Ajmi, 37, is the first woman known to have been convicted for criticising the U.S.-allied Gulf Arab state’s ruler, described as “immune and inviolable” in the constitution.

Kuwait has penalised several Twitter users in recent months for slurs against the emir, Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Sabah. The political trials have drawn rebuke abroad and anger at home.

The sources said the court had given Ajmi two consecutive five-year terms for insulting the emir and one year for insulting an unspecified religious sect. “This is the highest sentence of its kind in these kindS of cases,” one source said.

Ajmi has not yet been taken into custody and can appeal the sentences, the sources said. It is rare for a woman to serve jail time for political crimes in Kuwait, which allows more freedom of speech than some other Gulf Arab states.

Kuwaiti court gives woman 11 years in jail for insulting emir | Reuters

Tiananmen Square online searches censored by Chinese authorities

search term

It takes a very significant date for the word “today” to be deemed too sensitive to mention. But 24 years after the Chinese government’s bloody crackdown on pro-democracy protesters in Tiananmen Square, “today” is part of a long list of search terms that have been censored on Sina Weibo, the country’s most popular microblog.

Other banned words include “tomorrow,” “that year,” “special day,” and many number combinations that could refer to 4 June 1989, such as 6-4, 64, 63+1, 65-1, and 35 (shorthand for May 35th).

Chinese Communist party authorities, fearing a threat to their legitimacy, forbid open discussion of the so-called “June 4th incident” in the country’s media and on its internet. Yet internet users have reacted by using ever-more oblique references to commemorate the tragedy, treating censors to an elaborate game of cat-and-mouse.

Many of their posts have been embedded in pictures, which can often elude automatic detection: a girl with her hand over her mouth; a Lego man facing down three green Lego tanks; the iconic “tank man” picture with its tanks photoshopped into four giant rubber ducks, a reference to a well-known art installation in Hong Kong’s Victoria harbour.

Most of these pictures, too, have since been scrubbed clean. By Tuesday afternoon, the term “big yellow duck” had also been blocked.

Tiananmen Square online searches censored by Chinese authorities | World news | The Guardian

Mumbai to ban lingerie mannequins in attempt to stop rape

lingerie mannequin in mumbai

Mannequins displaying lingerie and other skimpy clothing may soon be banned in India’s cosmopolitan city of Mumbai as an anti-rape measure.

The municipal council overwhelmingly passed a resolution last month barring stores from putting scantily-clad mannequins outside their shops. The municipal commissioner has yet to give the required approval of the resolution.

City council member Ritu Tawde said she proposed the mannequin ban because such displays degrade women and could provoke men to attack them.

Indians have increasingly demanded stronger protections for women since the gang rape and killing of a student on a bus in the capital of New Delhi in December.

“Such people get provoked by mannequins. After all, a mannequin is a replica of a woman’s body. That’s why I oppose it, because mannequins do not suit Indian culture,” Tawde said. However, shop owners will still be able to display mannequins how they want inside their stores, she said.

Business officials ridiculed the resolution, saying it would have no impact on violence against women.

“We are living in the 21st century where these kinds of things, all porn, the movies, the pictures, all these things are available on websites, available on mobiles. A mannequin hardly makes any difference to the people,” said Viren Shah, president of the Federation of Retail Traders Welfare Association.

Indian city to ban lingerie mannequins in attempt to stop rape | Fox News