american culture

Sorry to burst your bubble piñata, but your culture sucks.  It’s okay, mine does too. In an age plagued with participation trophies, political correctness, and cultural/moral relativism, we at Your Culture Sucks stand united in calling for more judging, more shame, and less sensitivity when evaluating news from around the world.

So your culture sucks–now what?

First, congratulate yourself for taking a break from the doldrums of ethnic cleansing and/or flag-waving to visit this site.  Recognizing there’s a problem is always the hardest part.  Next, put down your rock, spear and/or remote control and lighten up*.  Now stop making excuses and consider copying from the freer, smarter, healthier kids sitting next to you in class.

And please tell your friends, enemies, and favorite neighborhood warlords about this site.  Thank you for visiting and please come again.

*If your culture does not permit this you may substitute one hour of primal scream therapy.

anti-mohammed-cartoon protests in pakiston