Majority of Palestinian Authority Muslims Support Suicide Bombings

Palestinian militant

In a Pew Research Center survey held across 11 different nationalities with large Muslim populations, Muslim respondents were asked about their views on “Islamic extremism.”

The results showed uniform opposition to such ideologies, as well as widespread rejection of suicide bombings – in all but one set of respondents.

In one question, those interviewed were asked whether they believed that suicide bombings can ever be justified, and were asked to select from one of the following options: “Never,” “Rarely,” “Sometimes,” “Often” and “Don’t Know.”

A sizable majority (62%) of respondents from the “Palestinian Territories” (referring to Palestinian Authority-controlled Judea and Samaria, and Hamas-run Gaza) answered that suicide bombings were at least sometimes justified – nearly double that of the second-largest body of support (Lebanon, 33%).

Muslims from the “Palestinian Territories” were also way ahead of the pack when it came to the percentage of respondents who felt that suicide bombings were “often” justified: a whopping 37%. In comparison, the next highest percentage of respondents who answered the same was in Senegal, at a mere 11%.

The country with the greatest opposition to suicide bombings was Pakistan, where Al Qaeda and Taliban coordinated attacks have almost exclusively targeted other Muslims, from members of minority sects to political opponents.

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