Angry Pakistanis with hurt feelings over crude video lash out against Fried Chicken

Pakistanis destroy KFC and Hardee's

Yum! Brands is shuttering all of its KFC franchises in Pakistan in the wake of anti-American protests there, after one of its KFC restaurants was attacked in Lebanon last week, the company said Friday.

“Our KFC restaurants in Pakistan are closing as a precautionary measure,” said Yum! Brands (YUM, Fortune 500) spokesman Christopher Fuller. “They will continually monitor the situation to decide when to re-open.”

KFC has more than 60 restaurants in 21 Pakistani cities, and has a significant presence throughout the Muslim world. A division of the company called KFC Arabia has franchises in 11 Middle Eastern cities.

On Sept. 14, protesters enraged by a crudely-made anti-Islam video produced in the U.S. attacked a KFC restaurant and two other American franchises — a Hardee’s and a Krispy Kreme (KKD) — in Tripoli, Lebanon.

KFC closes restaurants in Pakistan amid protests – Sep. 21, 2012.